Land Cover Change Monitoring System
to Ensure Responsible Land-Use Arrangement for Sustainable Development

  • The Good Growth Partnership (GGP) programme, previous known as the Integrated Approach Pilots (IAP), had been developed through a multi-agency consortium that builds on the strong baseline of work by UNDP, WWF-US, IFC, UNEP-FI, and CI to collaborate on the design and implementation of the GGP.
  • The production project of the GGP is shifting the ‘targeting and conversion to commodity production from priority regions (high conservation value areas, critical ecosystems, conservation forest/ area) to degraded and abandoned land or otherwise appropriate lands’ but does so indirectly mediated by the market. In other words, sustainable intensification ensures that the regional and national market is meeting its demand for palm oil in Indonesia. There is less unmet demand for the commodities and indirectly less pressure for production to move on forest land.